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The best time to embrace digital was 5 years ago...
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Expand your horizons.  Expand your opportunities.  The digital world has no limits.  Accelerate your success faster than you can imagine.
Change is an Opportunity for Growth
What if we could teach you a digital strategy to expand your network, generate more leads and sales without  buying advertisements?

We can!
Tell your story to thousands of people every week!
Take your digital marketing to the next level!
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Digital Marketing Saved Our Business
In March of 2020 when COVID hit we lost 80% of our business.  Now, business is booming and we've never been busier.
We had a choice.  Panic and give into a victim mentality, or lean in.  So we leaned in to digital.  Like a lot.  We knew whatever we did had to be EPIC…
We spent the next 3 months learning everything we could about digital marketing, telling stories, sharing content, funnels and gaining new business.
And more importantly we listened and did exactly what the experts told us to do every step of the way, with a little bit of our own creativity sprinkled in.  And low and behold slowly but surely it started to work.  Better than we could have possibly hoped or imagine.   In fact, now 80% of our clients come through social media and we’re so busy we expect to double our team this year!  
Not bad for 6 months!
So what are you going to do with your next 6 months?
Adam and Katelyn
We are Enta Solutions and we believe in perpetual EPICness.

We figured if we were going to take our marketing digital, we better do it EPIC.  And it worked.  

Now 2/3 of our clients are directly from our digital outreach program and we've never been busier.


So now we get to share what we learned about succeeding online with you.
Imagine if you didn't have to start from scratch and learn everything the hard way.

We will teach you the right way to amplify and leverage your network to achieve EPIC success.
Go Digital
Network Amplifier Course
This course will teach you how to use your relevant social media platforms to expand your network and your reach. Sign up and access our on-line teaching material at any time. We start by showing you how to optimize your profiles. Then we help you create a content strategy, and teach you the best practices for posting content.  You will also learn how to pull data so you can analyze your results.
Network Amplifier Coaching
We will take you through all of the on-line material in six weekly 1 hour coaching sessions to expand on the materials and answer any questions you have. You will be assigned some homework each week to get you into the habit of creating and posting content. Your coaches will review your homework and provide you with feedback on what worked well and what could be done better. 

Access to the private Network Amplifier LinkedIn Group shared with like-minded entrepreneurs provides you with further network opportunities. You can also share success stories, support, and as questions about the course.
Here's the deal!
When you purchase our Network Amplifier Course 
you will receive...
  • Instant access to our online Network Amplifier Course ($3,800 Value), teaching you our:
  • ​Amplifier Secrets
  • ​ Content Strategy
  • ​Post for the Most Method
  • ​and News Feed Tips and Tricks 
  • Six weekly one-hour sessions with our Network Amplifier                         Coaching ($1,200 Value)
  • Bonus - Access to the private Network Amplifier LinkedIn Group ($120 Value)
Total Value: $5,120
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